Choosing The Quietest Garage Door Opener

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My bedroom was in my garage and we had to put up with the constant rattle that our old garage door opener made, each time someone in the family were to open the place. It was then that my son suggested why we don’t go in for any of the newer models that offer silent operation. We then began our search for one. After a lot of research, we found that Genie door openers offered the best combination of silent operation, and yet were strong enough to take care of pretty heavy doors, such as ours. Genie can easily be called as the quietest garage door opener.

Behind the exceptional power of the garage door openers is a powerful DC motor. It can handle even heavy doors with ease. What is more remarkable is the fact that despite being such a powerful motor, it is also very smooth and silent. What was also noticeable was the soft start and stop of the garage door. This would mean lesser wear and tear, unlike the case with our earlier model. We had called up the company and asked them to install the unit in our garage. The company technician dropped in at our place the next day. We were surprised at the speed of installation. It was over in about an hour’s time. The person from the company gave a detailed demo on how to use the product and the various parts. He also taught us about the remote and its programming.

The owner’s manual contains every detail that you need about the garage door opener. Right from installation to basic troubleshooting, you can find lots of useful information in the manual. This apart, you can also find plenty of information related to installing garage door opener over the Internet too. The various steps involved in the installation process are also mentioned in detail in the manual.

One of the wonderful things about the garage door opener was the provision for ample lighting. You are now assured of up to 120 watts of power. This in turn promises excellent security for your garage. It would also mean that you no longer to grope around your garage for searching things. It was as if our dark, dingy garage had suddenly come alive. The garage door opener comes with a ‘Safe-T-Beam’ feature. What this does is to warn you if there is any obstacle for the door to close. Strategically placed sensors enable this feature.

Another security feature that is a part of Genie garage door openers is the ‘CodeDoger’ access security system. What this system does is not to allow anyone to get knowledge about the code being sent out by your remote. The system automatically ensures that each time the code is changed, so that you no longer need to worry about any burglary in your garage.

Additionally, you can also operate the garage door from right inside your car, thanks to the ‘HomeLink’ compatibility. All the controls of the garage door opener can be linked to your car’s built-in remote system. The system is also compatible with the home automation system too. Find out the liftmaster garage door openers reviews to know more about liftmaster which is also a reputed brand when it comes to garage door openers.

Purchasing The Trolling Motor Battery Accessories Online

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Best Trolling Motor Battery

When you buy a boat, you immediately realize you can’t just stop at buying a boat. You also have to buy a million and one accessories that are necessities for any boat. Things like anchors, ropes, bumpers, rod holders, fish finders, and the list goes on and on and on. It seems like for every one accessory you buy for a boat, there are at least two more accessories to accessorize the original item.

Take the trolling motor battery for instance. First of all, your trolling motor battery is already an accessory to your trolling motor, but that’s besides the point.


Once you have picked the perfect battery, here are a few additional items you may need to consider purchasing:

Battery Chargers

Portable Battery Charger

Batteries today are designed to last longer than ever, but that doesn’t mean they won’t eventually run out of juice. By the very nature of their purpose, all trolling motor batteries are going to eventually need recharging, some more frequently than others. The variety of chargers available rivals the variety of marine batteries available. There are portable chargers, on-board chargers and more traditional chargers.

Many modern chargers will have some bells and whistles built-in like LED lights that display the progress of the charge. Many chargers also offer protection from over-charging your battery which can be a huge benefit so you don’t fry your battery and have to get another one.

For extra convenience, consider an on-board deep cycle battery charger which mounts in your boat and charges your battery as you go. This way you don’t have to worry about running your charger and extension cord out to the boat, or worse, lugging your 60 pound battery back and forth between the charger and the boat.

Battery Boxes

There’s nothing fancy about a battery box. It is exactly what it sounds like. A rigid plastic box for you to put your battery in. But battery boxes do play an important function when it comes to caring for your battery. The battery box is designed to keep your battery protected from the elements. It not only keeps it dry but free from dirt. The box also keeps the terminals covered so there will be no accidents if you are fishing with youngsters. It also protects in the case of an acid spill. Most boxes include mounting hardware so that they can be directly mounted in the boat. Most of them come with a strap to keep the lid on and most of them have handles for easy carrying. You can also get a more advanced box that functions as a power center. On the other end of the spectrum, you can get a battery tray that holds your battery in place, but doesn’t have the walls or top like a true box.

Battery Hardware

There is a lot of different hardware available for trolling motor batteries. Depending on your intentions and your skills, you can use additional hardware to customize your battery set up. The long list of available battery hardware includes items like terminals, plugs, connectors, wires, etc. There are lots of guys that are tinkerers and they can use various pieces of hardware to come up with some really customized set ups. In my personal situation, I have mostly stuck with a very basic set up, opting only to install a quick disconnect plug which is really convenient so I don’t have to waste my time searching the bottom of the boat for the wingnuts that I inevitably drop every time I remove them from the battery.

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